Blue Tara Strain

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Blue Tara is the name of an Indica heavy strain produced by Bodhi Seeds. It is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. The strain has a magnificent buttery smell of nuts. The strain is blueberry flavored and users have described it as creamy. Indeed, it is a very aesthetically pleasing cannabis strain. The buds in this strain are big and chunky with some amazing looking big lilac trichomes and orange hair.

As it is a majorly Indica strain, users are suggested to consume it in evening as it can really help your sleep. Blue Tara is often prescribed for medical conditions such as spinal cord injuries, back-pain, inflammation, etc. It is quite a soothing strain of cannabis. Users of this strain report that Blue Tara will make you lie down on your couch and stay there for a long time. It has such a calming effect on the body and the mind. This strain is a cross between Bubbashine and Snow Lotus cannabis strains. However, as of now, you won’t find much of this strain in the dispensaries as it has been discontinued. But if you come across it someday, you will definitely recognize it by its buttery smell and thick trichomes. is a website that has a plethora of information about various cannabis strains. You can log on to this website and find whatever you want about any cannabis strain. Each strain offers something different and one should know what they’re signing up for before they light it up.

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