Blue Sherbet Strain

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Originating from the Bay Area, Blue Sherbet is a strain of cannabis that was bred by crossing the Blue Cookies strain with the Sunset Sherbet strain of cannabis. An indica heavy strain, the Blue Sherbet is known for its pleasing aroma and attractive appearance.

Not much is known about this particular strain of cannabis, but it is most often used in treating depressing owing to the euphoric and relaxing effects it has on the user’s body. Marijuana has various medical benefits, however, the kind of benefits a user can enjoy depends largely on the strain they are inhaling. The Blue Sherbet’s inviting aroma brings together the scent if blueberries, cookies, and citrus. A strain that mostly grows indoors, it is believed that it takes between eight to nine weeks for the flowers on this plant to blossom.

The Blue Sherbet is also known for its mostly purple appearance. This cannabis strain is green and purple and has terpenes. Growing to an average height, the Blue Sherbet is also known for its appetite-stimulating properties. People suffering from eating disorders, or people who want to feel hungrier so they can gain weight can also find medical benefits from this strain.

Blue Sherbet is also used in treating anxiety and panic-related disorders. A somewhat energetic strain, it can help in insomnia but it is better known for improving anxiety, stress and depression-related symptoms among patients. To know more about the Blue Sherbet and its medical benefits, visit us at for further details.

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