Blue Power Strain

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Blue Power cannabis strain is an Indica crossbreed with an 80/20 strength. It is a Sin City Seeds creation, first reproduced when the group crossed a Sour Double and Master Kush half breed with a female White Moonshine plant.

Blue Power strain is known to have one of a kind flavor and accompanying terpene sense of taste of berry blended in with kush.

Blue Power is unmistakable by its particularly fragrant botanical aroma with a simple hearty flavor. Its quality is similarly one of a kind, with synthetic sharpness resembling citrus and berry notes. There are thousands of cannabis strains available. makes it simple to obtain the perfect strain for you and your health goals.

Blue Power develops into short, sturdy plants with thick stalks that withstand intense weather, moisture, and pest problems. Blue Power thrives both indoors and out, in climates with warmer, sunny days. The strain reaches full maturity in 50 to 60 days when grown indoors, and late September to mid-October outdoors. Blue Power cannabis strain stimulates creativity and gives clarity, but due to the unusual quality of Indica, it will also make you drowsy and tired.

Blue Power is one powerhouse that you’ll always be unable to get enough of. It is recommended for seasoned stoners and those who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders and ADHD. It is bright green with light crystallization outside which has dark blues and purple hues inside with a sharp berry aroma. The strain has a THC of around 17-22%.

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