Blue OG

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Blue OG

Blue OG is a flavorful Indica hybrid cannabis strain arising from the OG Kush, Blueberry F3, and Moonshine Indica strains. With a THC content measuring between 13% to 19%, the cone-shaped, dark buds of this marijuana strain emanate pleasant notes of citrus and berry. A closer examination of this Indica species reveals hints of hash and incense, which point to this strain’s Afghani heritage.

Blue OG is capable of helping consumers feel relaxed and elated. Apart from these cerebral effects, Blue OG has been known to provide relief from nausea and pain and relax muscles. When lit, Blue OG emits a pungent smoke that may elicit coughing. However, when exhaled, consumers can soak up a sharp yet fruity flavor with a slight tang.

Blue OG is a cannabis strain that may have medical benefits for patients. It has sedative properties which can ease pains and aches caused by chronic conditions like lupus and arthritis or even due to injury. This Indica strain has mellow and even vibes making it perfect for alleviating symptoms of depression and moderate stress. Since it has a mild cerebral effect, Blue OG may be suitable for individuals who have a low acceptance for THC.

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