Blue Mystic Strain

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Blue Mystic is a strain of cannabis that was developed by unknown breeders based in Nirvana. Not much is known about the origin of this strain, but it was created by combining the Blueberry strain with a hybrid of the Flo and Afghan strains of cannabis.

According to the Amsterdam Seed Center, this cannabis strain has a THC count that falls between 15-20%. This makes this strain both psychoactive and potent. It also has low CBD levels, however, a higher presence of THC makes this strain capable of delivering strong highs.

A short plant that is indica based, the Blue Mystic should ideally be grown indoors. It needs good care as well as low temperatures in order for its signature purple hue to develop. The plant has a big cola that is surrounded by light green buds. Some of these buds are colored purple in a reflection of this strain’s name. It also has bright orange pistils that draw the eye and trichomes that give the plant its psychoactive properties.

Blue Mystic takes between eight to ten weeks to grow. Growers that want to obtain the best flavor from this strain should wait up to eight weeks before harvesting and curing. For more potency, it is recommended that the plant is allowed to mature for up to ten weeks.

The Blue Mystic tastes like blueberries, which is where it gets its name from. It also has citrus and wood-based undertones that give it a complex flavor when inhaled. To find out more about the Blue Mystic and its properties and uses visit

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