Blue Goo

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Blue Goo

Blue Goo is an active feel-good cannabis strain which is derived from some of the most popular hybrids Blue Dream and Afgoo. Although a sativa-dominant strain, the latter parent of Blue Goo provides it with more than just a hint of indica (40%). Blue Goo cannabis strain has a high THC content ranging from 16%-22%, whereas its CBD content remains below 2%.

The strain possesses some very enriching smells similar to that of blueberries. On closer investigation, hints of pine and cedar reveal themselves along with the smell of gasoline. The strain is surprisingly smooth on the throat and leaves a fruity, earthy aftertaste. Due to its high THC content, this particular cannabis strain has limited medicinal benefits. Its best effects are observed in analytical thinking, relaxation, concentration, mollifying depressing thoughts, etc. Use of the strain to relieve extreme pain-related conditions is not a good idea.

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