Blue Dragon

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Blue Dragon

Hailing from California, the Blue Dragon cannabis strain is the result of cross-breeding of two classic strains; the indica-saturated Blueberry and sativa-heavy Sour Diesel. The Blue Dragon has a densely packed bulb-like bud structure that has dark shades of green and purple color. It has orange-colored hairs with white overgrown crystals.

The buds have a sweet and fruity berry scent that is subdued by its diesel undertones. When smoked the blue dragon tastes sweet with a hint of diesel aftertaste that can be harsh for non-experienced users. Blue dragon has varying degrees of THC concentration ranging from 14 to 24 percent.

When smoked Blue dragon makes users happy and relaxed. The blue dragon is extremely potent and packs a significant euphoric buzz that reverberates throughout the body. As such novice users are advised to exercise restraint and should go easy in upping the dosage. Due to Blue dragon’s hard-hitting nature, this strain is popularly referred to as one-hitter quitter.

Selecting a Medicinal marijuana strain that suits your specific needs and lifestyle can be very tricky, can guide you in making correct decisions.

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