Blue Cream Strain

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Blue Cream is a crossbreed cannabis strain. This strain’s hereditary qualities include Blueberry and AK-47. It originates from Afghanistan, Colombia, Mexico, and Thailand. It might taste fruity, hot, hearty, sharp, piney. At the point when smoked, this strain can cause you to feel happiness, creativeness, quiet, deadness, hunger increase, and can help with discomfort.

Accessible as a hybrid strain, Blue Cream blends genetic supplies of two incredible strains into a half breed that flawlessly mixes the exceptional characteristics of each. The plant begins with a slim profile and then frames a thicker structure sufficiently strong to support generous colas.

Blue Cream normally has an average THC content going from 15-19% and develops well when cut and prepared. When grown indoors, the plant produces dull, thick leaves and has a vine-like structure and a long blossoming time of roughly 9-11 weeks.

Blue Cream’s high is all the best pieces of its parentage wrapped conveniently into a flavor-pressed, wonderfully adjusted bundle. It starts with a cerebral surge, carrying with it inspiration and elevated focus, so this can be used while being in a tedious schedule.

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