Blue Cookies Strain

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A marginally indica-leaning hybrid, Blue Cookies is a cannabis strain that offers an excellent mix of physical and mental effects. It is a hybrid of reputed Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies. The hybrid creates this tasty flower that is clearheaded and focused while being incredibly relaxed. It is a potent smoke favored by even cannabis veterans. The strain features a THC composition ranging from 20 percent to 25 percent.

The buds of Blue Cookies flowers are chunky and big having a dense structure, which is usual of Indica varieties. Similar to Blueberry, its parent strain, Blue Cookies are known for being colorful flowers. Similar to several other uniformly-balanced hybrids, it has an effect on the head first.

However, the initial buzz quickly spreads all over the body and smokers will perceive a change in their surroundings. Consumers will feel like going hiking or walking. Also, Blue Cookies can be a great aid for exercise. The strain is valuable for treating medical conditions such as psychological and physical afflictions. It produces a great sense of focus and lucidity, which can be quite helpful for patients who are suffering from attention deficit disorders.

Additionally, Blue Cookies can have a strong impact on a person’s anxious and depressed mood. It is also a great analgesic treatment for patients who have nausea, and are in pains or aches. When consumed in high concentrations, Blue Cookies can be useful for insomniacs to find restful and deep sleep.

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