Blue Champagne

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Blue Champagne

Blue Champagne is a Sativa dominant cannabis strain with 70 percent Sativa and approximately 30 percent Indica. It’s a mix of Blue Dream and Champagne Kush and the strain has better than expected THC, near 20 percent and normal CBD, at about 1 percent.

The famous Blue Dream strain remains an antiquity victor in the Cannabis Cups and loans its fine attributes to its youngster strain, Blue Champagne. An assortment of California, it becomes hard to discover this strain somewhere else, yet that is improving as more dispensaries over the nation learn Blue Champagne’s allure.

The smell of this strain makes is very unique. The scent of this bud will charge your noses with the flavor of champagne. Open the pack or container and the room will before have a strong winery smell. Additional fragrant qualities incorporate caramelized sugar, natural product, and earth. Little buds with red threads are resinous, loaded with dry trichomes, making it appropriate for hash-production.

Blue Champagne offers a cerebral impact like mood lifts, affability, and vitality. This strain is reasonable for morning and daytime use because of its inspiring impacts. The high should hit rapidly and wait, leaving the client high, not lethargic, but roused and propelled.

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