Blissful Wizard

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Blissful Wizard

In 2015, a strain of cannabis created sensation by winning first place for best non-solvent hash at SoCal Cannabis Cup. The strain was called Blissful Wizard and it became raze since then. Blissful Wizard was bred by The Captain’s Connection. They crossed Captain’s Cookies with Girl Scout Cookies to create balanced and potent hybrid Blissful Wizard. The THC of the strain falls between 28% to 34%.

The taste of the strain gives the feeling of sweet apples and earthy flowers. Due to its pungent odor, most smokers use it in gatherings and parties since using it alone may create a nuisance for others.

As the name suggests, Blissful Wizard induces a happy feeling when consumed. The happy feeling doesn’t affect your mental condition hence this strain is considered safe and balanced. Most users consume Blissful Wizard to elevate their mood and boost their emotional energy. It is mainly used in social situations where one can indulge in uninhibited talk and discussions. The elevated mood makes you laugh your heart out even for the silliest jokes or behavior, keeping you in happy and blissful condition.

Blissful Wizard, when used as medical marijuana, may treat mild stress, depression, and anxiety. It has been found that it helps in alleviating pain in arthritis patients. It can also be used in treating pain, spasm, and headache.

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