Biscotti Strain

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The Biscotti strain is an Indica-dominant known for its relaxing effects. This pretty, unique strain is characterized by its lovely dark green and orange buds, rich with kief and trichomes. Biscotti, also known as “twice baked” in Italian, refers to cookies and slices of bread that are light, crispy, and sweet–making this a perfect name for this strain. 

Origins and Genetics Of Biscotti

Biscotti was created by mixing a blend of the classic, popular strains Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato #25, and Sour Florida OG. It was first bred by Connected Cannabis, a brand well-respected for its expert genetics. It’s a high THC strain, ranging from around 20-25%. 

Its terpene profile includes beta-caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene, alpha-humulene, valencene, and linalool, which give it a delicious sweet, nutty, and earthy flavor with hints of spice. 

Biscotti Strain Effects 

As an Indica strain, Biscotti is revered for its calming, creative, and giggly effects. It comes on slowly but results in a powerful high, so it’s advised to start small and give the effects some time to set in before using more. Biscotti has a strong body feel and a pleasant cerebral buzz, making it a great option for all-around relaxation. 

The effects of the Biscotti strain are ideal for treating physical and mental health issues including chronic pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety, migraines, and depression. It calms racing thoughts and restlessness, lightens emotions, and increases sociability with others. 

Growing Biscotti at Home 

Biscotti does well in indoor environments, so home growers can try their hand at growing this strain with relative ease. We will warn you, however, that it has quite a strong smell, so be sure to take precautions if you don’t want your entire house to smell dank. It grows to about medium height, but it can spread out to be fairly wide. 

Biscotti requires carefully regulated temperature, humidity, and light. It will thrive at temperatures between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit with around 50% humidity. It typically takes around 9 to 10 weeks to reach the harvest stage from seeds. 

Some further tips for getting a maximum yield out of the Biscotti strain include: 

  • using pruning techniques such as topping 
  • practicing low-stress training 
  • ensuring that your plants have plenty of airflow 

If well taken care of, Biscotti can yield around 400 grams per square meter of plant. 

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