Cannabis and Cancer: The Necessity For Further Studies

The legalization and expansion of both medical and recreational cannabis has made utilizing it as treatment much more accessible for far more people than ever. It has also created the ability for scientific discoveries about the very real benefits of cannabis for everything from oral cannabinoid reducing cancer patients’ night sweats, cannabidiol slowing the growth of certain kinds of cancers, including breast cancer, and reduce the risk of recurrence, and has even been shown to stop the spread of cancerous cells throughout the body. 

A recent study in the Journal of Palliative Medicine looked at the degree of which who were also seeking specialized symptom management, were using cannabis. The study consisted of 816 patients who were receiving outpatient care for five months. What they realized was that although studies have only begun to reveal the full depth of cannabis’ benefits, that cancer patients are increasingly utilizing it medicinally. This makes the push for further studies on cannabinoids and cancer all the more imperative.

That said, there is still much research that needs to be done to determine the depth of possibility and viability for cannabis as a cure for cancer but for those who are deathly ill and who have experienced the medicinal power of cannabis, it has become a common practice among cancer patients to utilize cannabis in addition to whatever treatment their doctors have favored.