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Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV)

The cannabis plant contains several cannabinoids, or chemical compounds, that affect your body. Since each has different effects, you can use the properties of certain ones to get the most out of your treatment. One of these cannabinoids is called tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV).

How Is THCV Unique?

THCV has the molecular formula C19H26O2. It has a similar structure to THC, but even the smallest differences in molecular structure can be significant. So, THCV has distinct properties from THC despite its similarities. While it can also have psychoactive effects, it works with THC to change how the cannabinoid affects you.

The way THCV changes THC’s impact on your body depends on how much THCV you take in. Copious amounts of THCV may make the psychoactive traits of THC much stronger, increasing the “high” you feel from the THC. But, oddly enough, taking a small dose of THCV could actually reduce THC’s psychoactive impact. We need more research to understand these interactions, but the two cannabinoids certainly make for interesting partners!

THCV’s Properties

You can only find THCV in tiny amounts when you look for it in cannabis plants. It tends to appear in sativa strains with higher THC content. In fact, some researchers think THCV causes the buzz sativa strains give you. As we get more research on THCV’s standalone effects, we can learn more about its medical applications.

Some medical cannabis companies have begun to develop marijuana strains to use for THCV medication. By isolating THCV, we can look at its unique properties and health benefits.

The Medical Benefits of THCV

The research we have on THCV has demonstrated its potential to improve your health. In fact, one of the ways it can help you is unique from the typical effects of cannabis. It seems that THCV can reduce inflammation, lower pain levels and… suppress your appetite?

If you’ve heard of “the munchies,” you know marijuana usually makes you feel hungry. But, animal trials have shown THCV on its own could reduce a patient’s appetite. Patients trying to monitor their food intake could use THCV to lose weight or avoid certain foods.

Since THCV provides appetite suppression instead of stimulation, folks who need to relieve their pain and inflammation could take advantage of it. The extra hunger cannabis causes could interfere with someone’s diet, despite working as the best painkiller for them. By suppressing appetite while also relieving pain and inflammation, THCV can help patients in this situation.

What Conditions Can THCV Treat?

There are tons of health problems out there medical cannabis can relieve. In particular, THCV could help patients with issues like:

However, patients with disorders like anorexia or bulimia who need to increase their calorie intake should probably not use THCV-based medicine. Talk with your doctor before using medical marijuana of any kind.

Interested in Using THCV to Treat Your Health Condition?

THCV is still undergoing research, so you may have to wait to use medication with only THCV in it. However, you can always talk to your marijuana-trained doctor or dispensary staff member to see which medicine will work best for you in the meantime.


This information is not provided by medical professionals and is intended only to complement, and not to replace or contradict, any health or medical advice or information provided by healthcare professionals. If you have any questions, please contact your doctor or other healthcare professional.

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