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Cannabichromene (CBC)

You can find more than 85 compounds in the cannabis plant that we call cannabinoids — one of those is called cannabichromene (CBC).

The Properties of Cannabichromene

CBC has the molecular formula C21H30O2 and seems to be the second most plentiful cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. But, this statistic was found in the 1970s, so breeding practices that focus on THC could have changed the typical plant’s composition. Compared to other minor cannabinoids, we have much more research on CBC.

Like THC and CBD, CBC comes from an acidic form of the compound. While THC and CBD originate from THCA and CBDA, CBCA turns into CBC when exposed to heat. While CBC has the same molecular formula as the two significant cannabinoids, it has a different assembly, giving it its own properties.

CBC’s Unique Traits

CBC has no psychoactive effects when you use it on its own. Cannabinoids like THC have psychoactive effects, meaning they affect your thinking or cause a “high.” But, when you take a cannabinoid without psychoactive effects, you can still take advantage of its health benefits without feeling impaired.

Since some other cannabinoids lack psychoactive effects, this trait of CBC doesn’t make it exceptional by itself. However, it shows some unique properties when used with THC. While it doesn’t cause a “high” on its own, CBC can make the psychoactive effects of THC stronger when you take the two cannabinoids together.

Research has found CBC also works differently from other cannabinoids. While cannabinoids usually activate cannabinoid receptors in your endocannabinoid system, CBC doesn’t activate either of them. Instead, it interacts with different receptors like TRPV1 and TRPA1. It seems that CBC activates these receptors to make your cannabinoid receptors more responsive to the cannabinoids your body creates.

The Medical Uses of CBC

Patients can use CBC for a wide range of medical purposes, including:

  • Relieving migraines
  • Constricting blood vessels
  • Lowering pain levels
  • Soothing inflammation
  • Stimulating bone repair and growth
  • Hindering cancer cell growth
  • Killing fungal and bacterial infections

Also, when we begin to use CBC in more marijuana medication, we could use it to amplify the effects of other cannabinoids. If we develop medicine based on endocannabinoids created by your body, we could use it to boost their impact. Patients who need to benefit from THC’s health benefits could also take advantage of CBC’s ability to make THC stronger.

What Conditions Could We Treat With CBC?

CBC fits right in with the cannabinoids we already use to relieve health problems. It can help patients with conditions we already address with CBD and THC, such as:

Where to Get More Information on CBC as Medication

CBC has excellent potential as a medical compound, but it isn’t used often in medical marijuana. New patients can get evaluated by a cannabis-friendly doctor and join a medical marijuana program to stay up to date with new developments. Current patients should keep in touch with the staff at their dispensary so they know when CBC medication becomes available.

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