Medical Marijuana to Reduce Cranial Pressure


Medical Marijuana to Reduce Cranial Pressure

For patients with hydrocephalus, one of its chronic symptoms is cranial pressure. The resulting pain often results in headaches and insomnia, both of which affect your lifestyle and happiness. With medical marijuana, many patients are reducing their cranial pressure, without the intense side effects of painkillers and other medications.

Traditional Treatments for Cranial Pressure

When you have hydrocephalus, there are a few treatments doctors use to combat cranial pressure, including:

  • Surgery: While surgeries are optional for some conditions, hydrocephalus requires it. During the procedure, surgeons install a shunt, which redirects built-up cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) away from the brain. Another less common operation is an endoscopic third ventriculostomy, which involves drilling a hole into the skull.
  • Prescription Drugs: Depending on your secondary symptoms from cranial pressure, such as headaches, insomnia or seizures, your physician may prescribe additional medications. Side effects of these medicines can vary based on the drug, though many experience headaches, fevers and

How Medical Cannabis Reduces Cranial Pressure

Medical cannabis works to reduce cranial pressure from hydrocephalus through cannabinoids. Two of the primary cannabinoids, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), reduce headaches and chronic pain resulting from cranial pressure. In most cases, CBD delivers the healing properties of medical marijuana by binding to receptors throughout the body.

Why Use Medical Marijuana to Reduce Cranial Pressure

Both patients and physicians are beginning to incorporate medical marijuana into treatment plans that reduce cranial pressure and other secondary symptoms. The medical community has started to adopt medical cannabis because it offers several benefits, which include:

  • Limited Side Effects: Compared to many prescription medications, the side effects of medical weed are limited. Different strains, including those with a low CBD content, can also diminish these side effects and maximize the healing benefits of medical marijuana.
  • Administration Methods: While many medicines are oral capsules or tablets, medical cannabis provides patients with options when it comes to consumption. You can use it as an edible for long-lasting pain management, or inhale with a vaporizer for immediate relief. Patients can also switch between methods to accommodate their daily schedule.
  • Strain Options: Medical weed is also available in three different types of strains: sativa, indica and hybrids. Each contains hundreds of varieties that focus on easing various conditions, such as headaches, nausea or seizures that result from chronic cranial pressure. Many also come with minimal psychoactive effects, which is useful when working.

Ideal Medical Cannabis Strains for Reducing Cranial Pressure

Many medical cannabis strains are available for reducing cranial pressure and its secondary symptoms, including:

  • Kosher Tangie: This hybrid strain helps alleviate cranial stress and offers a lemon-citrus flavor
  • Blue Alien: This indica strain remedies pain, eye pressure and headaches with a distinct berry taste
  • Washing Machine: This indica strain offers relief from insomnia, headaches and pain

Your medical cannabis physician and budtenders can offer advice on local strains that are effective for reducing cranial pressure, plus other symptoms of hydrocephalus. They may even be able to recommend varieties similar to those listed above.

Learn More About Using Medical Weed to Reduce Cranial Pressure

Whether you’re a patient or caregiver, it’s essential to meet with a licensed medical marijuana physician who’s knowledgeable about hydrocephalus to discuss using medical weed to reduce cranial pressure and headaches.

At, we offer a vetted directory of physicians that can provide the compassionate care you deserve. Browse our database of medical cannabis doctors near you to learn more about using medical weed for cranial pressure.

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