How Medical Marijuana Helps With Interstitial Cystitis-Related Inflammation


How Medical Marijuana Helps With Interstitial Cystitis-Related Inflammation

While not common, interstitial cystitis affects millions of people worldwide — especially women. The inflammation and chronic pain it causes can make daily life difficult. In combination with other treatments, such as physical therapy, medical weed can help relieve interstitial cystitis-related inflammation and bring joy back into your life.

Typical Treatments for Interstitial Cystitis-Related Inflammation

Traditional treatments your physician may recommend for inflammation from interstitial cystitis include:

  • Diet: Because interstitial cystitis is a bladder issue, many doctors advise diet changes. Avoiding carbonated drinks, caffeine, citrus fruits and items rich in vitamin C will often help to reduce inflammation.
  • Pain Relievers: Due to the excruciating pain of interstitial cystitis, which is exacerbated by inflammation, physicians prescribe pain relievers that risk constipation, dependency and Pentosan polysulfate is one such drug and can also lead to hair loss.
  • Bladder Instillation: This treatment option washes your bladder to decrease inflammation and pain. It encompasses several 15-minute procedures over a two-month period.
  • Physical Therapy: Pelvic floor exercises and bladder training are examples of physical therapy exercises for interstitial cystitis. These techniques can help you manage your symptoms by preventing triggers for discomfort.

Many of the typical treatments for interstitial cystitis, such as dieting and physical therapy, pair well with medical marijuana and give you the option to take a more naturally effective approach to managing your interstitial cystitis-related inflammation.

How Medical Marijuana Alleviates Interstitial Cystitis-Related Inflammation

Through several studies, the medical community has gained an understanding of how and why medical weed alleviates inflammation caused by interstitial cystitis. The thought is that the two primary cannabinoids in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), activate receptors associated with inflammation.

As medical cannabis becomes legalized across the U.S. and around the world, more research efforts will be made to help patients, caregivers and medical marijuana physicians understand exactly how medical weed eases inflammation and other symptoms, like chronic pain.

Benefits of Using Medical Cannabis for Interstitial Cystitis-Related Inflammation

Some of the reasons patients opt to use medical cannabis for interstitial cystitis-related inflammation include that it:

  • Is natural
  • Has few side effects
  • Offers relief through fast- or long-acting delivery options
  • Has a range of strains for managing multiple symptoms
  • Can provide non-psychoactive or psychoactive effects

In most cases, medical cannabis doctors find the benefits of medical weed outweigh its potential side effects. This decision does vary patient by patient, of course, and depends on your medical history, past treatments and personal preferences.

Medical Marijuana Strains for Treating Interstitial Cystitis-Related Inflammation

Some medical marijuana strains ideal for interstitial cystitis-related inflammation include:

  • Eran Almog
  • Dorit
  • Chemnesia

Your local budtender and medical marijuana physician can also help you find an ideal strain.

Other Interstitial Cystitis-Related Symptoms Medical Weed Relieves

Medical cannabis doctors also recommend medical weed to treat other interstitial cystitis symptoms, including:

  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

While pain results from interstitial cystitis, depression and anxiety are often secondary symptoms that develop due to the diagnosis of this condition, as well as living with the obstacles it presents every day.

Treat Your Interstitial Cystitis-Related Inflammation With Medical Marijuana

If you’re considering medical marijuana as a treatment for your inflammation, meeting with a trusted, licensed and compassionate medical cannabis physician is a critical first step. At, we offer a directory of verified doctors who will provide the care you desire.

Start treating your interstitial cystitis-related inflammation by finding a medical marijuana doctor near you.

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