Montana CBD Program


Marijuana consists of hundreds of compounds. One such component called cannabidiol (CBD) relieves symptoms without making you feel high. Lawmakers put so many restrictions on cannabis because of its psychoactive effects, so they sometimes make an exception for CBD. Montana covers some forms of CBD under the medical marijuana program and others under the industrial hemp program.

CBD Treatment in Montana

Like many other states, Montana separates the cannabis plant into two types: marijuana and hemp. Any cannabis crop with more than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) goes into the marijuana category. Meanwhile, plants with less than that amount count as hemp. Montana regulates marijuana as a controlled substance and hemp as a crop.

In Montana, you can only get marijuana through the medical cannabis program. Patients looking for CBD products created with marijuana must register. Until 2016, the laws surrounding medicinal cannabis sales were nonexistent. But, you can now find CBD-rich medication at your local dispensary — you just need a patient card.

Meanwhile, retail stores can sell you CBD products from the state’s hemp industry. While the industrial hemp program just began, you may soon find legal CBD oil in a regular store. With the Department of Agriculture’s permission, hemp farmers can make oil out of their hemp crops. You can find CBD oil in stores today, but it can come from unreliable sources. This new industry will give you easier access to regulated hemp CBD.

Qualifying Conditions for CBD

When you buy CBD oil from a store, you don’t have to have a medical marijuana card. However, joining the state registry gives you more legal protections and lets you visit dispensaries across the state. You can become a member if you have an ailment like:

Montana accepts many more health conditions. Find a full list on our Montana qualification guide.

Signing Up for Marijuana-Based CBD Medicine

If you have an eligible health issue, you can apply to the medical marijuana program by:

  1. Getting a physician’s statement. Any licensed doctor in good standing can fill out the Physician’s Statement form on your behalf. If your current doctor refuses to recommend medical marijuana, you may need to find one who does.
  2. Submitting an application online. In addition to your doctor’s statement, you need to upload a current picture and an ID.

What’s the Difference Between Marijuana- and Hemp-Derived CBD in Montana?

The law lets you medicate with either marijuana- or hemp-based CBD legally under certain conditions. No matter which option you’re leaning toward, we recommend getting personalized advice from a cannabis doctor near you.