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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Montana

Montana medical marijuana doctors who can legally recommend medical cannabis to people with qualifying conditions include all licensed physicians in good standing who have established practices in Montana. Recommendations are written on state-issued forms that should not be considered “prescriptions” for medical cannabis.

Upon receiving a recommendation from a licensed doctor, the Montana Department of Health and Human Services examines the recommendation to ensure it adheres to program regulations and then enters the patient’s information into the state registry. The Montana DPHHS mails all MMJ cards directly to patients. This card allows patients to possess one ounce of cannabis or up to six plants.

To provide patients with recommendations, medical marijuana doctors in Montana must show a certain “standard of care” to the state DPHHS. This means physicians wishing to write a recommendation to qualifying patients must obtain the patient’s complete medical history, perform necessary and relevant physical and/or mental examinations and review all prior treatments and patient response to treatments addressing their debilitating diseases/disorders. Physicians are expected to ensure MMJ patients understand the benefits, potential disadvantages and alternatives to using cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Marijuana doctors in Montana considered as “treating physicians” are individuals licensed under Ch. 3 or Title 37 with established offices in Montana. In addition, doctors recommending medical marijuana will need to prove they have bona fide clinical relationships with patients seeking symptom relief from medical cannabis. Written certifications, or recommendations, are statements signed by referral or treating physicians meeting requirements specified in Montana’s MMJ program documents. To receive a Montana MMJ program card, patients need to submit an application form, doctor’s statement, fees and a valid driver’s license or state-issued photo ID.

Montana has designated the following as debilitating medical conditions qualifying for medical marijuana:

Your Montana medical marijuana doctor may determine other severe, chronic and wasting conditions as debilitating and provide you with a recommendation to receive your registry MMJ card.

Find Montana Marijuana Doctors Online is the only trusted, nationwide network of certified and licensed medical marijuana physicians that also serves as reputable resource for providing educational materials to physicians and patients regarding the numerous medicinal benefits of marijuana. We also help you navigate the complex regulations put forth by each state’s various legislative bodies governing their own medical marijuana program. From finding a medical marijuana doctor to getting a state-registered medical marijuana card to locating a marijuana dispensary licensed by the state, has the knowledge and experience necessary for guiding patients and doctors through the process of recommending and obtaining medical marijuana.

If you have a qualifying condition and want to schedule an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor in Montana, you will find many physicians listed in our directory who would be more than happy to evaluate your case. We also provide doctor’s office locations, business hours, reviews of Montana MMJ physicians and dispensary delivery information. We have thousands of satisfied patients across the across the country who rely on our website for finding doctors who will review their medical history and write recommendations for them so they can start enjoying the benefits of medical cannabis.

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