Missouri CBD Program


While not every state has a medical marijuana program, some have CBD programs. The compound cannabidiol (CBD) doesn’t have marijuana’s psychoactive effects, which makes it more appealing to anti-marijuana lawmakers. Missouri has laws that let certain patients use CBD medicine and resemble a full medical cannabis program.

CBD Regulations in Missouri

The CBD laws in Missouri let a small number of patients use CBD medicine. Yet, it has a structure similar to larger medical marijuana programs. Qualified patients must sign up for a hemp registration card. Once they get their card, they can visit one of two CBD oil care centers. These establishments sell medicine with more than 5 percent CBD and less than 0.3 percent THC.

A potential patient must see a neurologist to get their recommendation — they cannot ask their primary care provider or another kind of doctor. By default, a patient can own up to 20 ounces of extract at a time. But, they can ask for a higher limit from their doctor.

Missouri’s definition of hemp extract could limit your ability to buy CBD sold by wellness stores. The law covers medicine with over 5 percent CBD and under 0.3 percent THC. Some of the CBD oils sold to the general public can have amounts that meet these criteria. When in doubt, contact the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

What Conditions Count for CBD Therapy?

The Missouri Hemp Extract Registration Program only accepts patients diagnosed with intractable epilepsy. In other words, they have to have epilepsy that doesn’t respond to any other treatment. A neurologist must try a least three treatment options before hemp extract becomes legally available.

Aside from epilepsy, the program does not accept any other condition. The Department of Health has many options to choose from if they decide to expand. CBD can relieve other forms of seizures and common symptoms like severe and chronic pain.

How Do Patients Sign Up for the Program?

Aspiring program members must work with their neurologist and the government. Once a neurologist tries three traditional treatments, they can recommend hemp extract. You must submit this recommendation with a copy of your photo ID and an official application. Then, you will get a card you can present at a CBD oil care center.

The Importance of Legal CBD Treatment

Missouri may not allow many patients to get CBD, but people with severe epilepsy can still benefit. The state already has some aspects of a typical medical marijuana program. With a few additions, they could expand into full-fledged medical legalization.