Maryland CBD Program


The marijuana compound cannabidiol (CBD) often has different regulations from marijuana with high amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Since CBD doesn’t cause a high, this component and its sources can get different classifications under the law. Maryland’s marijuana and CBD laws intersect with each other. But, they have a few crucial differences.

Maryland’s CBD Regulations

A lot of CBD medications fall under Maryland’s medical marijuana laws. Most marijuana plants have trace amounts of THC — even plants with high CBD levels. Maryland differentiates marijuana and hemp based on their THC levels. Hemp plants have 0.3 percent THC or less, while anything over that amount counts as cannabis.

The law seems to skip over CBD oil derived from hemp. Hemp oil often comes from the stalks of the cannabis plant, which aren’t included in the official definition of medical cannabis. This definition also excludes food products, which Maryland code classifies as anything used as food or drink.

But, these hemp and CBD laws are up to interpretation. Patients who join the medical marijuana program have more protections than those who buy hemp oil. CBD products under the medicinal cannabis program also go through more quality control.

Conditions Treated With CBD in Maryland

If you would like to join Maryland’s medical cannabis registry, you must have one of these health problems:

Both adults and minors may join the program. Minors need the help of a parent or guardian.

How Do I Register to Use CBD?

Maryland residents and out-of-state patients may join the state’s medical marijuana program to use CBD medicine. An out-of-state patient must see a Maryland doctor for CBD treatment and show proof. Register for the program by:

  1. Getting your application materials together. The exact documents you need depend on a variety of factors, but you always need a Maryland doctor’s recommendation. Our application guide has the relevant details.
  2. Finding a doctor registered with the program. Only authorized doctors can write a recommendation for you.
  3. Submitting an application online. Keep in mind that you need to supply an email address and apply in one session.

Overall Differences Between Hemp-Based and Cannabis-Based CBD

While any patient has access to hemp-based CBD, marijuana-based CBD is more reliable. Maryland has laws and regulations in place to ensure you get top-quality treatment. Visit a registered, marijuana-friendly doctor today to get started.