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Florida CBD Program

Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Florida used to permit cannabidiol-based (CBD) medicine only in its medical marijuana program. This compound doesn’t have psychoactive effects, making it more acceptable in some lawmakers’ eyes. However, the program now allows medicine with the psychoactive component tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Patients can join the medical marijuana program or buy hemp-based CBD to find relief.

Does Florida Allow CBD?

Florida lets patients with select conditions use marijuana medicine high in CBD. The medical marijuana program allows certain members to take medication with under 0.8 percent THC and more than 10 percent CBD. These limits make room for any trace amounts of THC found in a CBD product. A patient must buy their medicine from a registered dispensary.

You may also have the option to buy CBD products from a wellness store or online. Federal law doesn’t explicitly make hemp extracts legal, but it also doesn’t ban it. Patients often find sufficient relief from these items. But, the state’s new industrial hemp industry may put these products into question. In the future, stores may have to sell CBD products that meet the industry’s’ regulations. This change means higher product quality, but it could also result in lower availability.

What Conditions Qualify for CBD Treatment?

Under the medical marijuana program, CBD medicine and marijuana medicine have the same qualifying conditions. Your physician will decide if you need a medication higher in CBD or THC. If you prefer not to take THC medicine, let your doctor know. They will tell you if you can still get relief from CBD.

Qualifying ailments for the Florida medicinal cannabis program include:

For more eligible conditions, read our Florida Medical Marijuana Qualification page.

How to Join Florida’s Medical Marijuana Program for CBD Medicine

You can become a program member as a permanent or seasonal resident. Follow these steps to join:

  1. Get a recommendation from a doctor authorized to certify medical marijuana patients. These physicians get special training on cannabis medicine, and they will add your information to the official registry. Patients under 18 must get another certification from a second doctor.
  2. Apply for a medicinal cannabis card online. You will get login information for the Medical Marijuana Use Registry via email.

Differences Between Hemp-Derived and Marijuana-Derived CBD Rules

While hemp-based CBD has unclear legal status in Florida, registered patients can get CBD extracted from marijuana. Patients have legal protections when they sign up. Visit a cannabis-trained doctor in Florida to join the registry today.