Delaware CBD Program


A compound in marijuana called cannabidiol (CBD) often goes through different regulations than standard cannabis. It does not cause a high, making it more acceptable for lawmakers skeptical of marijuana. The state of Delaware has a few rules differentiating CBD-based medication from medical marijuana.

Delaware CBD Legislation

Delaware covers most varieties of CBD under its medical marijuana rules. Anyone over 18 who joins the medicinal cannabis program can choose high-CBD medicine. Also, minors under 18 can register specifically for medicine with CBD. Rylie’s law opened up the option for children to sign up for CBD use in 2015.

Although retail CBD stores operate in Delaware, the law puts hemp-based CBD in a legal gray area. Some interpretations of federal law categorize hemp CBD as legal. But, Delaware’s laws place CBD oils with more than 15 percent CBD in the category of marijuana. Read state laws and a product’s content carefully before purchasing retail CBD.

The industrial hemp industry in Delaware supports agricultural and academic research only. All hemp-based CBD products must come from another state, but future laws may allow the use of hemp to create CBD products.

Conditions Eligible for Marijuana-Based CBD

You can buy CBD products from a store without having a specific condition. However, joining the state medical marijuana program gives you access to regulated medicine. A patient qualifies for the Delaware registry if they have an ailment like:

Visit our Delaware Medical Marijuana Qualification page for more information. Minors may join if they have epilepsy, cachexia, severe nausea or muscle spasms.

Applying for a Delaware Medical Marijuana Card

Do you have one of the qualifying conditions? If so, you can apply for the Delaware program by following these two steps:

  1. Get a recommendation from a doctor. They don’t have to have special training, but they must possess a license to practice. Of course, they also need to agree to write the recommendation for you. Find a cannabis-positive doctor if your physician refuses due to bias.
  2. Submit an application online. The official online application portal lets you upload your documents and enter your information.

Hemp-Derived CBD’s Differences From Marijuana-Derived CBD

If you cannot get a medical marijuana card, you may have the option to purchase from a CBD store. However, keep in mind that hemp-based CBD does not have quality regulations in Delaware. Read the label carefully. Your product should have less than 0.3 percent THC and under 7 percent CBD.