Washington, D.C., CBD Program


The differences between federal and state laws, as well as among laws in the same state, often separate CBD and medical marijuana’s definitions. Cannabis consists of many compounds, including cannabidiol (CBD). CBD relieves many conditions without a high, making it less of a threat in some lawmakers’ eyes. But, in places like Washington, D.C., no laws specifically allow cannabidiol. However, you can join the District’s medical marijuana program.

D.C. Laws Regarding CBD

The most reliable way to get CBD medicine is to join D.C.’s medicinal cannabis program. Patients with medical marijuana IDs can buy CBD at a dispensary. These establishments follow strict product regulations. Meanwhile, the CBD you find at a health store doesn’t always have the potency you need.

If you can’t join the program, however, you could still go to a CBD store. CBD products with no THC in them don’t count as marijuana under D.C. law. Keep in mind that many CBD items have trace amounts of THC, especially without regulations. Federal law may create a gray area for CBD, but patients must take care.

Washington, D.C., may have legal recreational marijuana, but it doesn’t have legal retail dispensaries. Adults may share up to one ounce of marijuana with one another. However, they can’t sell or buy it. If someone tries to sell you marijuana outside of a dispensary, it is illegal. Bringing in marijuana from another state is also illegal under federal law, regardless of the other state’s laws.

Treatable Conditions

Patients who decide to join the D.C. medical marijuana program can qualify if they have:

You don’t have to have a specific condition to buy CBD from a wellness store. However, we still recommend seeing a doctor before making a purchase.

Qualifying for CBD Medicine

To register for the medicinal cannabis program, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Get a recommendation from a doctor licensed to practice in D.C. They don’t need to have special medical cannabis training, but they must agree to recommend it.
  2. If you need to find a doctor who works with medicinal cannabis, transfer your records. Your documents should clearly show your qualifying diagnosis.
  3. Visit the D.C. Department of Health website to submit an application. You will need to enter the number provided on your doctor’s recommendation.

How Do Hemp- and Marijuana-Based CBD Differ in D.C.?

While CBD that comes from hemp has different rules than CBD from marijuana, it can still provide relief. You just need to do your research to ensure you can medicate safely and legally. When in doubt, get in touch with a cannabis-positive doctor near you.