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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Rochester, NY

To get your medical marijuana card in Rochester, you need to meet the state’s criteria. Only patients who have a qualifying condition are eligible. These include life-threatening and debilitating disorders. After a physician certifies that you’re a qualified patient, you can apply for your medical marijuana card and gain access to local dispensaries.

Qualifying Conditions

Although the Compassionate Care Act allows New York state residents to use medical marijuana, it limits access to conditions that have been shown to benefit from cannabis the most. These conditions include:

You could also qualify if you struggle with chronic pain, severe nausea, seizures or muscle spasms and have exhausted other modes of treatment.

Get Medically Certified

The first step to getting your medical marijuana card is meeting with a certifying medical practitioner. These are physicians who are registered with the state to verify if you’re eligible for cannabis treatments.

Not all doctors can certify marijuana use, so be sure to call ahead to determine if your primary care physician is registered with the state. If not, you’ll need to find someone who is and create a rapport with them.

Make sure this physician has all your medical records that outline the progression of your disorder ahead of time. They’ll also need to see proof that you’re a New York state resident.

It usually only takes one appointment to certify you with the Department of Health and give you a written certification. Then, you’re free to apply for your MMJ card online with the DOH. When your paperwork goes through, they’ll send your card to you in the mail.

Finding Doctors in Rochester

As Monroe County’s largest city, there are many certifying doctors you can meet in Rochester. wants to make sure you can find someone near you. Enter your zip code or city name in their search engine to find some options.

The Department of Health also provides a full list of registered doctors. These physicians are listed by county name, but the list only includes those who have agreed to let their information be made public.

Sometimes the pain of your condition makes travel impossible. If you’d prefer to stay in your own home, telemedicine might be the best option for you. Make a real appointment to discuss your medical marijuana needs with a registered physician using online video conferencing.

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