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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Cherry Hill, NJ

You can visit a cannabis-certified doctor in cities all over the United States, including Cherry Hill. However, you must meet a few basic requirements in order to become a New Jersey cannabis patient, and so must your doctor.

What Conditions Do New Jersey Medical Marijuana Patients Have?

New Jersey will only allow patients with certain documented medical conditions and symptoms to use medical marijuana, such as:

Some conditions only qualify under certain circumstances — check out our guide to qualifying in New Jersey to determine if your condition counts.

Medical Cannabis Program Registration in New Jersey

To get a New Jersey medical marijuana card, you need to get a recommendation from a medical professional. Only certain professionals can do this for you — check out the next section to see who counts as a cannabis-certified doctor in your state.

Once your doctor has recommended you, go to the state’s website and enter the patient reference number they gave you. Fill out the rest of the online application, and you’ll receive an ID in the mail if you get approved.

Who Can Write Me a Recommendation?

You can get a recommendation from a doctor who meets the requirements set by the state. They must have a New Jersey medical license, possess a controlled substances registration from the state and conduct their practice in New Jersey. In addition, they must have a bona fide physician-patient relationship with you, meaning they’ve been seeing you for your qualifying condition for an extended period.

Begin Your Journey

Now that you understand the medical marijuana program rules in New Jersey, it’s time to start your search for a Cherry Hill doctor. You can also check out our list of doctors throughout the entire state of New York for more options.

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