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Medical Marijuana Doctors in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Therapeutic Cannabis Program sets guidelines for medical marijuana use in New Hampshire. Recommendations are exclusively written by New Hampshire medical marijuana doctors licensed to prescribe medications and who have established clinical relationships with their patients.

A New Hampshire MMJ physician can provide recommendations for medical marijuana only after completing in-person examinations and evaluation of the patient’s medical history. Once marijuana doctors in New Hampshire write and sign a recommendation, patients are essentially in charge of treating themselves under the guidance of licensed NH medical marijuana dispensaries.

Before scheduling an appointment with one of our New Hampshire marijuana doctors, you should be able to show you are a New Hampshire resident suffering one or more of the following qualifying conditions:

After receiving a recommendation and a registry card, patients must obtain medical cannabis from a licensed alternative treatment center in New Hampshire. Cultivation of MMJ is not permitted.

The NH medical marijuana program accepts out-of-state health care providers such as advanced practice registered nurses and physicians who have licenses to practice in Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine. Since June 2016, out-of-state physicians and APRNs have been issuing “Written Certifications for the Therapeutic Use of Cannabis” to New Hampshire residents qualifying for MMJ. In addition, medical providers in Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine will be primarily responsible for individual patient care as related to their qualifying health condition.

After receiving your recommendation from one of our medical marijuana doctors in New Hampshire, be aware you are not permitted to possess more than two ounces of medical cannabis at any given time and cannot grow your own marijuana plants. You should also be aware that while most medical marijuana states have decriminalized possession and use of non-medical marijuana, New Hampshire remains one of the few states that will arrest people for possessing small amounts of cannabis for recreational use. If a marijuana doctor in New Hampshire writes a recommendation for you and you receive your registry card, you are strongly urged to carry this card on your person at all times.

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If you are searching for medical marijuana doctors in New Hampshire, you have come to the right place. At, you will find numerous licensed MMJ physicians who believe medical marijuana is beneficial for relieving symptoms of severe and chronic diseases. We also describe doctor office locations, list business hours, and offer peer reviews of MMJ physicians and information regarding NH dispensaries. In addition, medical marijuana doctors across the U.S. depend on our website for accessing turnkey solutions for automating the complicated process of patient booking and tracking, monitoring patient progress in real-time with our Symptom Tracker and utilizing our 24-hour patient verification system.

For answers to questions you may have about the New Hampshire medical marijuana program or medical marijuana doctors in New Hampshire, please submit this form online.

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