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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Minnesota

Three types of healthcare professionals are allowed to write recommendations for medical marijuana in Minnesota: doctors, physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs). A Minnesota statute defines health care practitioner as a licensed doctor of medicine, an APRN primarily responsible for the care and treatment of someone with a qualifying condition or a licensed physician assistant “acting within the scope of an authorized practice” (Chapter 311 – S.F. No. 2470). Medical marijuana doctors in Minnesota, LPAs and APRNs must be registered with the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Registry before they can write recommendations for patients to obtain medical cannabis from a licensed dispensary.

If you schedule an appointment with a Minnesota medical marijuana doctor listed at and receive a recommendation, you will only be allowed to purchase and use non-smokable forms of marijuana, such as liquids — for vaporization of cannabis — oils or pills. Minnesota does not permit cannabis edibles, flowers or raw leaf products to be sold by dispensaries. In-person visits are required, and you must be able to prove you are a resident of Minnesota.

At your appointment, your Minnesota marijuana doctor will review your past medical records, disability assessments and results of all examinations and diagnostic tests relevant to validating your debilitating condition. Your doctor will also conduct an evaluation of your current health status, including subjective and objective symptom analysis.

Minnesota’s medical marijuana program designates the following as qualifying conditions:

Effective August 2017, the program will add post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of conditions qualifying for medical marijuana treatment.

Patients need to resubmit certifications every year for renewal. Re-certification requires MMJ patients visit their Minnesota medical marijuana doctor in person for a complete evaluation of their condition. In addition, Minnesota is a state that has a tax-stamp law, which mandates anyone possessing medical cannabis legally must buy and affix stamps issued by the state of Minnesota on their contraband.

How to Find Marijuana Doctors in Minnesota

If you have been diagnosed with a condition that qualifies you for medical marijuana in Minnesota, can help you find a physician in Minnesota, assist in scheduling an appointment and make sure you have the resources you need to obtain medical cannabis. Our physician’s directory not only provides a list of MMJ doctors, but it also has physician office locations, their business hours, reviews of Minnesota medical marijuana physicians and dispensary delivery information, if applicable. We are proud to have thousands of satisfied doctors and patients in the U.S. who rely on us for timely information regarding changes to state MMJ laws or other information relevant to the medical marijuana industry.

For answers to questions you may have about the Minnesota medical marijuana program or availability of marijuana doctors in Minnesota, please submit this form online. We generally answer all queries within 24 hours.

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