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  • Location: East Lansing, MI
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Medical Marijuana Doctors in East Lansing, MI

You might feel that MMJ isn’t very accessible for you because at the moment, the Lansing area doesn’t offer a wide selection of dispensaries to obtain medicine from.

However, you can still grow your own marijuana or designate a caregiver to do it for you. Plus, at the end of 2017, new regulations will give dispensaries much more security and liberty than before so they can help you out. So, getting a medical marijuana card is a gateway to tons of natural treatment options — you just need to know where to look.

Are You Eligible for Michigan MMJ?

When trying to decide if you qualify for Michigan’s medical marijuana program, ask yourself these questions:

How to Seal the Deal

If you deal with conditions or symptoms that make you eligible, you can fill out the registration packetprovided by Michigan LARA (Licensing and Regulatory Affairs). It needs the following items from you:

  • The registry ID card form
  • The physician certification form
  • A valid Michigan ID or another form of ID plus a Michigan voter card
  • A $60 payment for patient-only signups or an $85 payment for patient-caregiver signups

The form for your MMJ card will need some of your personal information, like your full legal name, state license number and address. Your caregiver will fill out similar information on their half of the page.

Give the certification form to your doctor to complete. They’ll check off the eligible health problems you have and sign off on it to vouch for your suitability.

When you mail everything to the state, make sure you include the original copies of the two forms. They can’t have white-out or other alterations. Assemble everything and put it in a single envelope together.

Marijuana Doctors in East Lansing

You could already be good to go to have your certification approved if you have a relationship with a physician open to recommending medical marijuana. They don’t have to get a special training or license to complete the document for you.

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