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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Detroit, MI

Like signing up for other licenses, signing up for a medical marijuana ID can seem complicated. Since Michigan lets its cities have their own policies regarding certain MMJ regulations, it can be hard to tell what you can do to get natural medicine for your illness. By the end of this page, you’ll know the basics of the MMJ experience in Detroit so you can finally start treatment.

Part One: Patient and Caregiver Information

The first form included in the state’s MMJ program application packet asks you to fill it out with your personal information like your full legal name, license number (if applicable) and contact information. In addition, if you need a caregiver to grow marijuana for you, they have to complete the second half of the page. A caregiver will cultivate up to twelve plants for you to use as medicine.

Make sure to include a registration fee and copy of a valid ID. Patients signing only themselves up pay $60, and patients who include a caregiver pay $85. If your ID isn’t issued by Michigan, you’ll also have to provide a copy of a voter registration card.

Part Two: Physician Certification

Give the physician certification form to your doctor to complete. They’ll need to record their license information and verify that you have a debilitating medical condition like:

You can also experience symptoms such as cachexianauseachronic painmuscle spasms or seizures to qualify. The state’s review board can even approve other conditions in certain cases.

What Can You Do With a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card?

Now, the most stable source of MMJ in Detroit is yourself or a caregiver. While dispensaries do exist in Detroit, there aren’t very many, and they don’t have any regulations to protect themselves with. However, there will be more specific state laws regarding dispensaries at the end of 2017, so there’s still be hope if you’d prefer to visit one.

If you’d rather make your meds yourself, cardholders can grow up to 12 plants for yourself to consume as-is.

Finding a Detroit Weed Doctor

The difficulty of finding a doctor to fill out the second part of your packet depends on how your current doctors feel about MMJ. If you already see a doctor who’s agreeable to the idea of medical marijuana, you can just ask them. Any official Michigan doctor can fill out the form without any extra certifications or training.

Unfortunately, not every doctor is open-minded about weed. If your doctor refuses to recommend it, you can use our physician index to find one who will.

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