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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Oak Park, IL

Legalization of medical marijuana continues across the U.S., providing patients, like those in Oak Park, Ill., the opportunity to treat their symptoms with an alternative medicine that doesn’t contain harmful side effects like many available prescription drugs. Learn more about accessing medical cannabis below.

Treat Your Symptoms With Medical Marijuana in Illinois

Illinois became the 20th state to legalize medical weed in 2013. Since the implementation of its Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, state legislators have approved 40 conditions for medical cannabis use and continue to hear resident petitions on other conditions to add.

Examples of debilitating conditions approved for medical marijuana include:

Minors can qualify for medical weed, but require a registered caregiver to apply for a medical marijuana card. Caregivers are also responsible for purchasing the minor’s medical weed. A minor may have two caregivers, though the second caregiver must pay an application fee.

Prepare for Your Consultation

Plan for your appointments with a medical marijuana doctor like you would for any other consultation with a specialist or new physician. Your medical cannabis practitioner’s office will request your health records and ask that you bring an Illinois photo ID to your appointment. These documents confirm your residency and the diagnosis of your qualifying condition.

Illinois requires patients and medical marijuana doctors to have a bona fide relationship. That means your medical cannabis doctor must agree to:

  • Manage your ongoing care and treatment
  • Complete an in-person assessment of your health history
  • Certify that you’re under their care

Bona fide patient-physician relationships prevent patients or doctors from only meeting to approve or renew an individual for medical marijuana. It encourages you and your medical cannabis doctor to discuss your symptoms and treatment both before and after you start using medical weed.

Expect to visit your physician at least three times to establish a bona fide relationship.

Schedule an Appointment With a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Oak Park

Doctors across Cook County become licensed to recommend medical cannabis because they’re passionate about medicine and its ability to help patients. Our search services allow you to find medical marijuana doctors in Oak Park and surrounding areas from the comfort of your home. Search and schedule an appointment today to start alleviating your pain.

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