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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Illinois

Access to medical marijuana doctors in Illinois began in August 2013 when the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act became effective. Individuals diagnosed with at least one qualifying condition are eligible to apply for an Illinois cannabis registry ID card. However, they must first receive written certification by a marijuana doctor in Illinois that provides detailed description of their debilitating disease or disorder.

If the individual is receiving health services at a veteran’s facility, they do not need a doctor’s recommendation. Instead, veterans are instructed to submit at least one year’s worth of medical records kept by the VA medical clinic from which they receive their care.

Beginning January 2015, Illinois marijuana doctors can provide recommendations for children less than 18 years old diagnosed with a debilitating medical issue. In addition, the Illinois Department of Health added seizure disorders, PTSD and any terminal illness to the list of qualifying conditions. Other improvements to Illinois’ MMJ program include streamlining the ability of a medical marijuana doctor in Illinois to help patients qualify for a registry ID card. provides immediate access to medical marijuana doctors in Illinois who can write recommendations for patients needing medical cannabis for treating the following conditions:

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Medical providers listed on our website are doctors of osteopathy and/or medicine who have earned a controlled substance license according to rules described in Article III of the Illinois Controlled Substance Act. If you have already been recommended by an Illinois medical marijuana doctor and are currently using MMJ for a qualifying condition, be aware that you must have your condition re-certified by a licensed doctor every year, one year from the date of issue.

Illinois also expects MMJ physicians to show they have an established relationship with medical cannabis patients and are providing ongoing treatment and care for the patient. Your medical marijuana doctor in Illinois will also complete a full evaluation of your medical history and current health status 90 days prior to certifying you as qualified to use medical cannabis. Doctors are expected to mail the written certification to the Illinois Department of Health in Springfield, IL. Physician-written certifications are not considered prescriptions for medical marijuana.

To access our list of Illinois marijuana doctors and operational dispensaries in Illinois, use’s easy interface offering detailed information about scheduling an appointment with one of our certified physicians.  You will also find location descriptions, business hours of numerous medical marijuana doctors in Illinois, delivery information, customer reviews and a convenient telehealth portal to allow computer-based interaction with your doctor of choice. For answers to any of your questions or concerns, please submit a form online. You should receive an answer from within 24 hours.

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