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Medical Marijuana Doctors in New Haven, CT

As a state without recreational marijuana, Connecticut requires patients to get a medicinal cannabis card to access cannabis. Fortunately, they have a wide range of qualifying conditions and a streamlined application process. Plus, you’ll have a cannabis-certified doctor to lend a hand. Read on to find out why you should make an appointment for an evaluation.

Registering as a State-Certified Medical Cannabis Patient

Connecticut has an online registration system that makes the sign-up experience a little easier. Becoming a recognized medical marijuana patient involves:

  1. Making an evaluation appointment with a marijuana-friendly physician
  2. Getting a diagnosis of a qualifying condition
  3. Requesting an online certification from your doctor
  4. Registering for an online account and completing the step-by-step sign-up process
  5. Receiving your new patient ID in the mail

Patient Perks and Protections

Obviously, a medicinal cannabis card will let you get medicine from a dispensary. But, Connecticut offers other bonuses to patients to help them medicate safely, including:

  • A digital registration process
  • Reciprocity in states that recognize Connecticut cards
  • A long list of qualifying conditions
  • The ability to enlist a caregiver that helps you with your medication
  • Protections against employment and housing discrimination
  • 2.5 ounces or under of medicine per month

The Benefits of Medicinal Cannabis

Getting cannabis medicine takes a little more effort than obtaining a prescription. Is it worth it? Absolutely. When you get a medicinal marijuana recommendation and card, you get access to a full spectrum of medications. By adjusting your type of medicine, dosage and schedule, you and your doctor can find the perfect fit. Medicinal marijuana sets itself apart from standard medicine by:

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To find out if you qualify for medical cannabis in Connecticut, make an appointment with one of the New Haven doctors below.

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