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If you’re looking to become a legal red card holder in Fort Collins, Colo., doctors are available to help you with the medical marijuana evaluation process. This is the first step to receiving your card and gaining the benefits that come along with being a registered marijuana patient.

Even though cannabis is legal in Colorado for those using it recreationally, there are still many advantages for patients who go through the process of getting their medical marijuana card:

  • Don’t wait in line. Medical marijuana patients can enjoy shorter wait times at dispensaries
  • Spend less money. The taxes for cardholders are less expensive
  • More products. There is a greater selection of cannabis for patients, especially products rich in CBD

Do You Qualify?

If you wish to be a cardholder in Colorado, you must be a state resident with either a Colorado driver’s license or legal state ID. You will also need to get medically certified as having one of the qualifying conditions. Be sure to do your research before meeting a doctor to check your eligibility.

Qualifying conditions are those considered debilitating that have been shown to benefit from cannabis use, including:

Receiving Your Medical Certification

There’s a difference between recreational cannabis users and medical marijuana patients. The latter has gone through the process of obtaining their red card by getting medically certified and applying with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment.

To get your medical marijuana certification, be aware of the following:

  • Provide your medical records to your certifying physician ahead of time
  • Let the doctor assess your current condition and verify your diagnosis
  • They’ll either certify you online (if they’re registered) or provide you with a written certification

After this consultation, you can apply to get your red card either online or with a paper application.

Looking for a Physician in Fort Collins

To be a certifying physician in Colorado, your doctor must meet the following criteria:

  • Licensed and practicing medicine in Colorado
  • Must be a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) or a doctor of medicine (MD) wants to simplify the process of finding a certifying physician. We can help you track down qualified doctors in Fort Collins and beyond. Search using your zip code or city name and get connected with compassionate healthcare professionals.

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