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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Fresno, CA

Many medical practitioners in California have seen how cannabis can positively treat patients struggling with many serious conditions. If you’re a Fresno, Calif., resident and feel you’d benefit from these treatments, you need to apply for the California Medical Marijuana Program.

To find out if you qualify, follow these steps:

  1. Make a medical marijuana evaluation appointment with a physician to obtain a recommendation
  2. Go to your county’s program headquarters to apply in person
  3. Bring your medical recommendation, registration fee, proof of identity and proof of residency
  4. They’ll take a picture of you for your Medical Marijuana Identification Card

What Are the Qualifying Conditions for the Program?

Only certain medical conditions qualify patients for the Medical Marijuana Program. These include:

If your disorder is not listed above, you may still qualify if you struggle with chronic pain or your physician feels medical marijuana is the best treatment plan for your ongoing condition.

Your Medical Examination

If you’d like to get your MMIC, you need a physician to recommend medical marijuana as a treatment course for you. This doctor will need to be committed to your healthcare in some respect. They’ll also need access to your medical history. If they make a recommendation after your physical examination, you can expect the following:

  • The doctor will go over marijuana consumption methods and possibly dosage
  • You’ll receive your letter of recommendation
  • A copy will be kept with your medical records
  • You’ll need to sign an authorized medical release of information so the county can process your application

Make an Appointment With a Fresno Physician

The county of Fresno contains many medical professionals who can get patients onto the road of health and well-being. These doctors must:

  • Have a California medical license or osteopathy license
  • Practice medicine somewhere in the state

The best healthcare is just a click away. is happy to connect patients to qualified medical practitioners in Fresno and beyond. Read through our information and reviews so you can be sure you’re making the best choice.

You can skip the tedious waiting rooms by signing up for the telehealth portal. Telemedicine appointments are conducted 100% online using secure audio-video feeds, so you can meet with your doctor from the comfort of your home.

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