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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Fontana, CA

If you’re living in Fontana, Calif., and want to be a patient in the California Medical Marijuana Program, the first step is getting a recommendation from a physician. Although marijuana is legal for both medical patients and recreational users, only Medical Marijuana Identification Card holders can buy cannabis at local dispensaries until 2018.

The process of joining the state’s program is straightforward.

  • Apply in person at a program facility located in your county
  • Bring your doctor recommendation, registration fee, proof of residency and proof of identity
  • They’ll take a picture of you for your MMIC

Do You Qualify as an MMP Patient?

Before beginning the application process, it’s best to determine if you qualify ahead of time. The state has laid out the conditions that doctors can recommend as candidates for the program. This includes patients struggling with:

What to Expect at a Medical Marijuana Evaluation

To determine if you’re a qualified patient, the state requires a bona fide physician evaluates your medical condition to determine if you qualify as a medical marijuana patient. To do this, they’ll need to:

  • Examine your medical history
  • Assess your current physical condition
  • Confirm your disorder’s diagnosis

The evaluation usually doesn’t take long. After it’s over, the doctor may go over dosage recommendations. They’ll also provide you with your letter of recommendation to take with you and keep a copy for your medical records. You’ll need to sign an authorized medical release of information so the county can process your MMIC application.

Finding a Doctor in Fontana

Compassionate health care professionals can be found in Fontana and throughout San Bernardino County. You’ll need to ensure that any doctor who performs your medical evaluation is licensed in the state, practices medicine somewhere in California and will continue to take responsibility for an aspect of your health care.

If you’re finding it difficult to find a physician, makes the process simple. Our search engine gives you access to profiles for local medical professionals waiting for your call. These physicians can provide you with medical marijuana evaluations and get you on the road to better health.

If your location or health makes it difficult to travel to the nearest doctor, consider giving telemedicine a try. All your medical appointments can be conducted online using secure video feeds. Discuss your healthcare in the peace and security of your own home.

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