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Features of MarijuanaDoctors.com

Learn more about the features and benefits of MarijuanaDoctors.com for doctors below:


General Features

Patient Management System

Patients use our online software to build their own profile so that all their contact and medical information is easily accessible to you.  With the help of practice managers from around the country, we’re continually improving our software to bring you the best patient management system.

Public Listing

Your personalized profile page provides you with the foundation to capture maximum market share in your local area.  As part of our network, you are directly connected to thousands of potential patients searching for legal access to medical cannabis.

Service Features

Written Certification Generator Certified Resource Center

Our proprietary tools provide the ability to issue a state sanctioned certification letter, a release of liability form, consent form, a “best practices” legal guide and a patient handbook.  It can cost tens of thousands of dollars to prepare all the legal paperwork that would allow a physician or practice to begin recommending medical cannabis to qualified patients.  We’ve taken the necessary steps to prepare all of this for you, so that you are legally protected against prosecution or penalty.  That means you can instantly start seeing patients and begin increasing your practice’s revenues with no legal hassles.

24/7 Verification Program

We provide your patients with live verification, online verification and automated phone verification twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Through our system, physicians may issue and easily control the length of the certification.  In order to support your office staff, our trained staff handle all information requests, verifications, follow-ups and renewals.  Having a 24/7 verification system not only allows your patients access to their medicine, but will also prevent any legal hassles with the authorities.  As this industry grows and laws change, it’s best to be prepared for present and future regulations.  Here’s your chance to set a new standard of security for your medical practice and validate all of your medical cannabis patients with our verification program.

Online Scheduling & Calendar System

Our proprietary software efficiently handles everything for your practice administrators in regard to medical marijuana patients, including booking appointments and scheduling of follow-ups.  We also have the flexibility to work within your system and customize our software to meet the needs of your office administrators.

Pre-Qualification Patient Screening

Every potential patient that signs up for free through our website is put through a rigorous screening process to ensure that they meet the state guidelines in order to qualify for a medical marijuana certification.  You will be given the opportunity to accept or reject these patients based on the criteria outlined by state law and, if accepted, schedule them directly into your calendar.  We can customize your profile to control the quality of patient requests and ensure that your practice is receiving more patients who qualify.

Medical Records Transfer System

Patients who sign up through our website have the option to upload their medical records in advance of an actual visit to your practice.  This is part of our pre-qualification process to save your practice time and effort in tracking down medical records to verify the legitimacy of a patient’s claim of qualification for the medical marijuana program.

Patient Abuse Tracking System

When using our 24/7 Verification Program, you will be able to track the amount of times a patient is visiting a dispensary to obtain medical marijuana.  Knowing how your patient is medicating is a key component in continuing and renewing their medical marijuana legal status.

Notification System for Legislative Change

As a member of MarijuanaDoctors.com, we will keep you up to-date on any changes to legislation in regard to medical marijuana.  For example, if the state passes new laws that alter the qualifying conditions, you will be informed immediately via your “Doctor Dashboard” when you login to our website.

Strain Suggestion Tool

A unique program that allows physicians to determine the ideal strain of cannabis to recommend for an individual patient. It does this by integrating the database of menu’s and prices from businesses in conjunction with the patients diagnosed condition and associated symptoms as originally input on MarijuanaDoctors.com by their physician. The tool uses 38 peer reviewed studies to help determine which strains of available cannabis would work best for a patient’s condition and symptoms based on the known components of marijuana and their associated therapeutic properties. By giving physicians a tool to more accurately select the appropriate medication for their patients we hope to bring true relief to patients suffering nationwide.


Marketing Features

SEO Profile Page

As a medical professional, marketing your services and maintaining a steady patient flow is imperative for your practice.  At MarijuanaDoctors.com, we do it all for you.  Our website was built on the #1 domain for keyword searches related to “marijuana doctor” and “medical marijuana card.”  We will use the same marketing expertise to highlight your practice specifically in optimized searches by patients

Patient Retention Program

Your practice can enjoy peace of mind knowing that all the patients coming into your office are pre-qualified and have already received helpful instructions related to their visit. With our professional customer service team, we will support your practice by confirming and surveying all patients that find you through MarijuanaDoctors.com, assist patients with the appointment requests, and follow-up via email and phone call reminders to dramatically decrease the percentage of “no-shows.” We are a trusted resource for patients to gather information and be directed to the appropriate medical practices, specifically those in our network.

Patient Wait List Program

As a Premium Member, you will receive exclusive updates from patients on our waiting list if your state updates the qualifying conditions list.  There are thousands of potential patients in our database waiting on these legislative changes.

Medical Cannabis Network Educational Kit

Our research team has put together a comprehensive educational guide committed to the advancement of cannabis as medicine covering state-specific laws, federal laws and medical research compiled into a digestible format. When your patients’ certifications are nearing the expiration date, we will contact them on your behalf and remind them to schedule an appointment to renew their certification

MarijuanaDoctors.com Promotional Material

We will provide your office with pamphlets and flyers promoting the use of our website to help educate patients on the medical marijuana industry.

Renewal List Contacts

When your patients’ certifications are nearing the expiration date, we will contact them on your behalf and remind them to schedule an appointment to renew their certification


Doctors now have the ability to log into our telemedicine sub domain in order to see live appointments whenever it is most convenient for the physician. Doctors may schedule appointments via telemedicine or choose to accept the thousands of daily visitors that come to the MarijuanaDoctors.com website looking for the instant gratification of seeing a physician in real time satisfying their desire to receive recommendation for medical marijuana


Producers and dispensaries now have the ability to list their location and menu selection with the purpose of helping patients locate and purchase their medicine from an authorized producer, dispensary, clinic or retailer.

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