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Arthropathy Gout

Medical Marijuana and Arthropathy Gout

It is an extremely and frequently debilitating disease, although the symptoms can come and go as quickly as a few days or stay as long as a few months. It mimics in just about every way rheumatoid arthritis and initially will be accidentally diagnosed as such. Although this wouldn’t be a horrid thing, as some of the drugs prescribed for RA would bring the gout patient relief for a little while, misdiagnosed ailments are costly in the long run to both patients and the medical field as visits would continue since the patient can’t find enough relief to function. The pills used to treat gout itself have to be closely monitored so not too much sodium, sodium uric acid, and potassium are flushed from the body in an attempt to flush the waste chemical that produces gout. As anyone who has ever had a charlie horse knows, not enough potassium in the blood can produce the most intense muscle cramps ever. While you’re trying to get rid of gout, why would you want to exchange them for the extreme onset of muscle spasms and cramps? And sodium itself helps regulate fluid levels in the body; without it, dehydration and extreme thirst with the potential for hallucinations can occur. How’s that for side effects of a medication that is supposed to rid the body of a substance that causes chronic joint pain and inflammation?

Medical Marijuana Uses for Arthropathy Gout

That’s just not fun, but medicine can be a little fun. Medical marijuana produces enough pain relief to end the need for other prescription medications for gout. Gout sufferers can take medical marijuana in just about any form; from the classically inhaled to the topical balms, patients with gout can find the route to relief with medical marijuana their own way. Obviously, the ingested and topical methods would be high on the list of recommended means of consumption by those with gout. Inflammation is reduced, swelling is relieved somewhat, and the pain threshold becomes elevated so the patient can’t feel any hurt at all.

Gout suffers may want to “mix and match” the two main strains of medical marijuana to get the right dosage level of each that manages their symptoms best. It is a little trial and error, but you still get the benefits of some relief without serious side effects or several trips to the doctor. As long as you have a medicinal marijuana card carrier in the state where it is legal, you can show it to any dispensary or grower and make a request for a change in the type or sub-type of medical marijuana you need. Pain relief without the worry of misdiagnoses data, because even RA can benefit from this to the side effects that are more than tolerable and worth the exchange for pain relief medical marijuana can provide the gout sufferer all of the above. As for the previously mentioned “fun” of medication, the psychoactive effects can make one giddy and happy, despite what level of pain they are feeling, and laughter is the best medicine of all.

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