Recreational Cannabis on Ballot for Arizona

Nancy Moraa

Posted by Nancy Moraa on 08/24/2020 in News

Recreational Cannabis on Ballot for Arizona marijuana doctors

The Arizona voters will have the opportunity to be heard on the voting ballot this November. The Supreme Court on Thursday gave a ruling stating that a voter initiative that would legalize a commercial, recreational marijuana program this November. This will remove the final legal challenge and pave the way for great possibilities. 

Recreational Cannabis Opposed By Others 

All did not welcome this decision by the supreme court. Prohibition activists made a last effort to keep the issue of the ballot. They made statements citing that the initiative summary had failed to define a host of changes that would be made to the state law, such as the proposed 16% excise tax on marijuana sales. But James Smith, a Superior Court judge, firmly rejected the arguments earlier this month. 

In his ruling to reject the arguments, the judge wrote that the principal provisions of the Smart and Safe Arizona Act were included in the summary. He also noted that the legalization lawyers took 25 pages to describe provisions they said should have been included. 

This is what the rec marijuana initiative states.

  • Calls for licensing structure for all existing medical cannabis operators 
  • Allocates 26 social equity licenses to owners from communities affected by the war on drugs. 

The Supreme Court upheld the decision of a trial judge that the 100- word description on the Smart and Smart and Safe Arizona Act,” accurately described the proposition.”  As you can imagine, it is hard to put every possible detail or accommodation into a 100-word description. And the Supreme Court Judge agreed that there was enough information for voters to make an informed decision on the ballot. 

That decision clears the way for this proposal to appear on the November ballot. For the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the choice is a significant setback because they had hired lawyers to prevent the measure from getting to vote. The business group is now considering seeking to raise money in hopes of convincing people to reject it. 

Massive Support For The Measure from Citizens Living in Arizona

OH Predictive Insights (a research company based in Phoenix, Arizona) published the findings of a recent poll.  In the survey, 62% of Arizona voters were in favor of recreational cannabis legalization.  There were only 32% of state residents opposed to it. 

The opinion about legalized Adult-Use marijuana seems to be split down partisan lines.  Democrats and citizens who support the Independent parties are pro-legalization of recreational cannabis.  Republican constituents and politicians are decidedly against it. 

This ballot measure, when passed, would allow adults to possess and use up to an ounce of marijuana or 12 plants. It would also impose a 16% tax on sales, which would generate $300 million a year. These new revenues will fund community colleges, public safety, health programs, and the construction and repair of infrastructure, e.g., roads. 

Protects Minors 

The measure would prohibit sales to any buyer who is under 21. It would also prevent the sale of marijuana products that resemble humans, animals, insects, insects, fruits, toys, or cartoons. When marijuana is advertised, it should also not have any names of designs that imitate food and drink brands marketed to children. 

The measure would also permit local governments to pass “reasonable zoning regulations that limit the location of cannabis dispensaries and testing abilities as well as limit or prohibit outlets outright. This measure also contains a provision that allows anyone who had been convicted of certain marijuana offenses to have their records expunged. 

The measure favors many individuals, and with its massive support from many quarters, when the November vote comes, it will pass and become official law without a doubt. 

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