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Turkey Medical Marijuana Card & Program Information


For more than 100 years, the Turkish government has treated the use of cannabis harshly. Those caught with it are still subject to prison time. Even with these highly conservative views, Turkey legalized the limited use of medical marijuana in 2016. Like many nations, the program is overse Read More

Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in Turkey


In 2016, Turkey changed their narcotics laws to allow patients to visit physicians and receive a red prescription for cannabis-based medications. This was a huge leap forward for individuals living with debilitating conditions in this historically conservative nation. However, the governme Read More

Medical Marijuana Laws in Turkey


Even though Turkey is one of the most modernized Muslim nations, often following the example of their European neighbors, their stance on cannabis is still stringent. They are very staunch in their conservative view against the use of marijuana — the government classifies it as an illega Read More

Medical Marijuana in Turkey


As a conservative Muslim nation, Turkey has remained staunch in its stance against legalizing the use of cannabis. However, as surrounding countries adjust their views, there have been some positive changes in Turkey. In late 2016, they made the historic move to legalize medical marijuana. Read More

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