Turkey Medical Marijuana Card & Program Information

Updated on January 22, 2019.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

For more than 100 years, the Turkish government has treated the use of cannabis harshly. Those caught with it are still subject to prison time. Even with these highly conservative views, Turkey legalized the limited use of medical marijuana in 2016. Like many nations, the program is overseen by their Ministry of Health. But, instead of an MMJ card, patients must receive a red prescription from a qualified physician.

Even though the program was implemented almost a year ago, the government of Turkey has been slow to roll out the details. This leaves both patients and physicians hesitant to pursue this form of medication.

Benefits of Having a Cannabis Prescription in Turkey

The use of cannabis is highly illegal in Turkey. Most people caught using marijuana are sentenced to two years in prison. Even with this harsh penalty in place, many citizens still use cannabis recreationally. This could be because of how difficult it is to find a doctor to prescribe marijuana-based meds.

Even with the limited options available to patients, there are some benefits to having a cannabis prescription in Turkey:

  • All cannabis-based meds are currently imported from trusted producers of medical cannabis, which guarantees their safety and effectiveness
  • Black market weed is often overpriced and of questionable quality
  • Those with a medical marijuana prescription do not risk the legal penalties that are in place

How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Prescription in Turkey

Because of how vague the government has been about their medical marijuana program, many patients are unsure how to get a prescription. The only approved cannabis-based meds are oromucosal sprays that contain CBD and THC. To get these, patients must first pursue other courses of treatment for their condition. If these do not work, they can then ask their doctor for a red prescription for medical marijuana. Red signifies that the meds contain narcotics.

With this prescription, patients can either choose to get cannabis-based medications from their physician, or they can obtain them on their own. Black market weed and other non-approved forms of the plant remain illegal, even to patients.

Updating Medical Marijuana Prescriptions in Turkey

If a patient wishes to update their medical marijuana prescription, they must return to their physician for a consultation. The doctor will assess their condition to see how effectively the cannabis-based meds are working and determine if there are any adverse reactions.

Criteria for Medical Cannabis Physicians in Turkey

Any doctor registered with Turkey’s Ministry of Health is permitted to write red prescriptions for cannabis-based meds. However, even though there are no legal repercussions for physicians following the law, many doctors are afraid to write medical marijuana prescriptions for their patients. This is mainly due to the government’s longstanding harsh view of cannabis. So, it can be quite difficult for patients to find a physician willing to write a red prescription.

Who to Contact for More Information

Although the program is not clearly defined, contact the country’s Ministry of Health if you would like more information about medical marijuana in Turkey.

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