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Spain Medical Marijuana Card & Program Information


While a universal medical marijuana program in Spain is nonexistent, one of its autonomous communities legalized medical cannabis and developed a medical cannabis plan so patients and their loved ones can treat their condition or alleviate their chronic symptoms. Benefits of a Medical Mar Read More

Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in Spain


Across Spain, it’s a challenge for patients to qualify for medical marijuana due to the country’s unclear legislation — it’s legal to consume, but illegal to purchase or grow. In Catalonia, one of Spain’s communities, you can qualify for medical cannabis and use it to treat vario Read More

Medical Marijuana Laws in Spain


With its 17 autonomous communities and two autonomous cities, Spain’s medical marijuana laws vary by region. As a result, it’s essential to understand the potential effect your community’s legislation could have on you or a loved one’s ability to purchase, use or cultivate medical Read More

Medical Marijuana in Spain


With its many autonomous communities, Spain’s federal government has allowed these regions to create their own recreational and medical marijuana laws and programs to meet the needs of their citizens. Due to the varied approaches of Spain’s communities, it’s essential to understand h Read More

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