Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in Spain

Updated on January 30, 2019.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Across Spain, it’s a challenge for patients to qualify for medical marijuana due to the country’s unclear legislation — it’s legal to consume, but illegal to purchase or grow. In Catalonia, one of Spain’s communities, you can qualify for medical cannabis and use it to treat various chronic symptoms and medical conditions.

Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Spain

Legislation across Spain’s autonomous communities prevents patients from qualifying for medical marijuana, except in Catalonia. The legalization of recreational and medical marijuana in Catalonia, however, doesn’t designate a set of eligible conditions. Instead, patients and physicians decide together if marijuana would be appropriate.

Some conditions that benefit from medical cannabis include:

Many patients consider medical marijuana when their current course of treatment isn’t yielding ideal results. Incorporating medical weed into your treatment, whether you’re substituting it for another medicine or using it as an additional medication, can also offer several benefits.

How to Become a Medical Marijuana Patient in Spain

Catalonia’s approach to medical marijuana is more liberal, as patients aren’t required to register with the government to purchase or consume medical weed. As a result, patients don’t need to go through a complicated process to join the program.

It is advised, however, to meet with your physician to discuss your condition and current treatment plan. During your appointment, you can express your interest in using medical pot to alleviate some of your discomfort or symptoms.

If your doctor is unfamiliar with the use of marijuana as a medicine, consider finding a knowledgeable practitioner who understands medical cannabis’ administration, benefits and side effects. With an experienced and licensed physician, you’re ensuring you or your loved one are receiving the best medical care for your condition.

How to Access Medical Marijuana in Spain

Accessing medical marijuana in Spain is a straightforward process. While most patients in Catalonia rely on cannabis clubs, others opt to cultivate marijuana plants within their home. Whether you’re purchasing or growing your medical weed, the government in Catalonia does not limit your dosage amount.

To join a cannabis club in Catalonia, follow these steps:

  1. Receive or request an invite to become a member of a non-profit cannabis association.
  2. Pay your membership dues.
  3. Receive your medical weed.

Due to laws in Catalonia, you must be a member of a cannabis club for at least 15 days to receive your medical pot. The community introduced this legislation to prevent tourists from purchasing and using marijuana.

While researching cannabis clubs to join, remember to consider the strain(s) of medical weed they’re cultivating. Depending on your symptoms, you may prefer a specific strain — some are even cultivated to treat specific conditions, like anxiety or cancer.

How Medical Marijuana Laws in Spain Protect Patients

Due to the nature of recreational and medical marijuana laws in Spain, Catalonia is the only community that offers protections for patients. In this autonomous community, which is home to hundreds of cannabis clubs, patients can receive medical cannabis without restrictions.

In comparison, those purchasing recreational weed who are over the age of 21 may only buy 60 grams per month. Those who are over 18 but under 21 years of age can only receive 20 grams of recreational pot per month from their cannabis club.

Learn More About Accessing Medical Marijuana in Spain

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