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Toledo, OH Doctors


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Toledo, OH As the years progress and doctors develop a heightened understanding of the medications available for symptom treatment, the list of available medicines continues to expand, too. Today, many individuals scattered throughout the nation enjoy grea Read More

Cleveland, OH Doctors


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Cleveland, OH In response to the growing medical awareness of marijuana’s positive impact on patients’ health, Ohio has recently legalized medical marijuana in 2016 to connect more individuals with the resources they need. While the state is still in the Read More

Columbus, OH Doctors


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Columbus, OH In 2016, Ohio officially legalized medical marijuana. Today, efforts are being made to define the process of registration for patients to prepare the medical marijuana program for release this upcoming fall. Now, patients don’t have to wait to Read More

Cincinnati, OH Doctors


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati patients struggling with many debilitating conditions can now find relief in proven effective medical marijuana treatments. However, to take advantage of this opportunity, you must register with the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Pro Read More

Beachwood, OH Doctors


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Beachwood, OH Ohio recently joined the nation's growing support for cannabis by legalizing medical marijuana in 2016. This means that as an adult with a medical condition, you have even greater access to the medications you need. If you’re in the process of Read More

Ohio Marijuana Penalties


Though many states have decriminalized marijuana, it remains illegal in Ohio. Therefore, using, possessing, distributing, trafficking or cultivating marijuana and engaging in any other related activity can lead to penalties which range from small fines to years in prison. These marijuana p Read More

Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensaries The use of medical marijuana as a treatment for various diseases has become quite popular. Active chemicals found in marijuana can halt the progression of chronic diseases while decreasing the intensity of symptoms. Despite such progress, marijuana is Read More

Ohio Cannabis Facts


In response to efforts to put the matter before voters, the Ohio Legislature passed a medical cannabis bill in 2016 which was then signed into law by Gov. John Kasich. One of the unique medical marijuana facts for Ohio is that the law went into effect in September of 2016, which was a much Read More

OH Telemedicine


Ohio Medical Marijuana Program: Telemedicine Ohio’s “Telemedicine Certificate” Chapter 4731-11-09 of the Administrative Code — effective September 29, 2015 — defines the “practice of telemedicine” as "the practice of medicine in this state through the use of any communica Read More

OH Marijuana Laws


Ohio Medical Marijuana Laws June 08, 2016, Ohio Governor, John Kasich, signed House Bill 523 — effective September 2016 — effectively allowing for the use of marijuana for medical reasons, in addition to also establishing an Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, to administer and ov Read More

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