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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Ohio

Ohio House Bill 523 made medical marijuana legal in Ohio in September of 2016. Deemed the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP), the bill allows people with debilitating medical diseases to obtain recommendations by board-certified Ohio medical marijuana doctors practicing in Ohio. It gives them permission to buy and use medical cannabis for symptom relief. Although House Bill 523 laid the bare-bones framework for Ohio’s MMCP, specific guidelines for cultivating, testing and dispensing MMJ have yet to be written. Potential medical marijuana patients and physicians interested in becoming Ohio marijuana doctors should know that the Ohio Board of Pharmacy and the Ohio Department of Commerce are mandated by law to take necessary actions to ensure Ohio’s MMCP is operational by September 2018.

According to existing descriptions in House Bill 523, physicians will not be allowed to write recommendations for MMJ until they have received a certificate from the State Medical Board. Further rules about physicians’ requirements to become an Ohio medical marijuana doctor should be developed and implemented before September of 2017. Other statements included in House Bill 523 authorize the State Medical Board of Ohio (SMBO) to create guidelines for “conditions that must be met before a doctor is eligible to write recommendations,” “standards defining why a doctor may have his certification revoked,” and “minimal standards of care expected by medical marijuana doctors in Ohio when addressing a potential MMJ patient.”

Ultimately, Ohio medical marijuana doctors will be able to write recommendations for the following diseases:

Cannabis oil, patches, tinctures and plant materials are the permitted forms of medical marijuana that will be available in Ohio. While House Bill 523 prohibits smoking medical cannabis, patients will be allowed to inhale marijuana during vaporization of marijuana oils or other fluids.

To protect caregivers and patients seeking to obtain and/or use medical cannabis, House Bill 523 legislators created affirmative defenses for crimes related to marijuana possession and use — mostly at the federal level. The law also specifically states that patients or guardians can use an affirmative defense only if they have a recommendation from an Ohio marijuana doctor that certifies certain criteria are met. Ohio medical marijuana doctors will be allowed to write recommendations for their patients that do not exceed a three-month supply. Currently, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy is developing rules for determining how much medical marijuana in specific forms are equal to a 90-day supply.

Getting Certified in Ohio

The state of Ohio began processing applications for physicians to become certified to recommend medical marijuana in March 2018. In order to get a certificate to recommend medical marijuana, doctors who want to become certified to recommend medical marijuana must meet certain criteria. This includes:

  • An unrestricted license to practice medicine, osteopathic medicine, or surgery
  • Active registration with the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)
  • Access to the drug database maintained by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy
  • Completed two hours of medical education courses certified by either Ohio State Medical Association or Ohio Osteopathic Association

And more, including information about previously holding a registration with the DEA and being subjected to disciplinary action related to drug usage or possession. If the physician meets these criteria, s/he can submit their application for certificatino to the Ohio Board of Pharmacy.

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