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Hibbing, MN


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Hibbing, MN Read More

Minnesota CBD Program


A substance in marijuana called cannabidiol (CBD) provides relief without psychoactive effects. Because of its differences from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD sometimes falls under different laws than medical marijuana. In Minnesota, some types of CBD medicine count as medical marijuana, Read More

Duluth, MN


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Duluth, MN Read More

Saint Paul, MN Dispensary


Marijuana Dispensaries in Saint Paul, MN As Saint Paul, Minn., residents, patients dealing with debilitating health problems can take advantage of Minnesota’s MMJ program. Program members need to find somewhere to buy their medicine after they get the green light from the state. We’l Read More

Saint Cloud, MN Dispensary


Marijuana Dispensaries in Saint Cloud, MN Saint Cloud, Minn., residents get to benefit from medical marijuana laws that let patients in need find natural relief from marijuana medicine. After a patient is approved by the state to get MMJ treatment, they need to find a dispensary where th Read More

Rochester, MN Dispensary


Marijuana Dispensaries in Rochester, MN Home to the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., is full of health-savvy citizens who want the best option for their unique medical needs. Once you’ve gotten your medical marijuana authorization, the next step is to get medicine at a dispensary. We’l Read More

Moorhead, MN Dispensary


Marijuana Dispensaries in Moorhead, MN Minnesota’s Office of Medical Cannabis oversees the creation of state dispensaries, known as Cannabis Patient Centers. These locations provide exemplary service to patients seeking relief from their debilitating symptoms through medical marijuana. Read More

Minneapolis, MN Dispensary


Marijuana Dispensaries in Minneapolis, MN The Office of Medical Cannabis is responsible for connecting qualified patients with the state’s Cannabis Patient Centers. These are locations where those suffering from debilitating symptoms and chronic conditions can get medical marijuana trea Read More

Hibbing, MN Dispensary


Marijuana Dispensaries in Hibbing, MN For patients struggling with debilitating conditions, medical marijuana brings much-needed relief. However, Hibbing patients must be registered with Minnesota’s Medical Cannabis Program. Two companies in Minnesota are authorized by the Departmen Read More

Saint Paul, MN Doctors


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Saint Paul, MN In 2014, Minnesota government passed a law that officially legalized the purchase of medical cannabis for certified patients with a qualifying disease. As a city in Minnesota, Saint Paul adheres to the medical cannabis laws that define the state Read More

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