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Canada Medical Marijuana Card & Program Information


Canada will implement legal marijuana use for all adults in July 2018, but you can still benefit from joining their medical marijuana program. You may need medicine right away, or perhaps you want to take advantage of any extra benefits program members may get. Let’s talk about Canada’ Read More

Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in Canada


Eligibility for medical marijuana in Canada is similar to qualifying for it in many U.S. states with legalized marijuana medicine. While Canada will legalize recreational marijuana in July 2018, you may want to get medicine before then. If so, you need to know how to can qualify for medica Read More

Medical Marijuana Laws in Canada


Although Canada plans to legalize recreational marijuana use in 2018, patients should still keep the country’s medical laws mind. You may want to get marijuana medicine before you can buy cannabis recreationally, or you might want to understand your rights as a patient. Either way, we ca Read More

Medical Marijuana in Canada


Since 2001, Canada has provided patients with the opportunity to use medical marijuana. In the years following its legalization, the country’s continued to adapt its program in hopes of making it easier for patients to use medical marijuana to alleviate pain and discomfort. Medical Mari Read More

Marijuana Lessons for Canada


As Canada’s new Liberal government is expected to legalize marijuana next spring in 2017, the entire country is anticipating how things will unfold. And as it takes its first steps towards being a country where marijuana is legal, Canada is experiencing the struggles of any state or c Read More

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