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Type 2 Diabetes

Best Strains of Cannabis for Insulin Resistance


Most people are aware of medical marijuana’s most commonly reported benefits, such as its use for relieving pain, reducing nausea and acting as a sleep aid. However, as more patients are approved for cannabis medications, additional reports show it has uses beyond what we knew. One s Read More

How Does Cannabis Fight Insulin Resistance?


The main cause of type 2 diabetes is something called insulin resistance (IR). When this develops, it’s essential that patients seek out a medical professional, as leaving it untreated can lead to severe complications and health risks. When diabetes develops, doctors usually presc Read More

How Does Cannabis Improve Metabolic Syndrome Symptoms?


A common condition that increases the risk of type 2 diabetes is metabolic syndrome. Although the term “metabolic syndrome” is fairly new, only entering into the medical community in the 1990s, it’s widespread, some would say as prevalent as the cold bug. In fact, 23 percent of a Read More

Medical Marijuana For Type 2 Diabetes


Evidence supporting the assertion marijuana offers multiple medicinal properties for a whole range of disorders and diseases are increasing. Of all the research conducted on these many health conditions, the newest claim is that cannabis for type 2 diabetes is a potential treatment to he Read More

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