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Terminal Illness

What Terminal Illness Symptoms Can Be Managed With Medical Marijuana?


Terminal illnesses make death even harder than usual. Many incurable conditions that result in death put the patient through severe symptoms in their advanced stages. Patients with terminal illnesses already go through enough stress knowing they’re going to die, let alone managing th Read More

Medical Marijuana & Palliative Care


With baby boomers, one of America’s largest generations, entering their senior years, we’ll soon see a rise in care for the elderly. An unfortunate yet inevitable aspect of senior caregiving is end-of-life care. While most folks have heard of hospice care, palliative care is on th Read More

Inhalation vs. Edibles for Terminally Ill Patients


Fear, anger and grief are just a few of the emotions patients and their loved ones experience when confronted with the diagnosis of a terminal illness. The time remaining for that patient is precious and shouldn’t be wasted. However, a terminal diagnosis is often the result of a deb Read More

How Medical Marijuana Supplements Traditional Treatments in Terminally Ill Patients


Folks who receive a terminal illness diagnosis have a lot to deal with. If their condition hasn’t shown many symptoms yet, it probably will soon. And, when a terminal illness reaches its advanced stages, it causes all kinds of symptoms that are difficult to cope with. While medi Read More

Medical Marijuana For Terminal Illness


People who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness suffer a broad range of physical and emotional symptoms and other overwhelming struggles. Terminal illnesses are devastating diagnoses, and patients must learn to cope with the news that their disease cannot be cured. When it come Read More

Medical Marijuana For Hospice Patients


Discussing end-of-life issues may be unpleasant for you and your loved ones. Pain management and hospice care are serious matters and lead you to confront difficult emotions. Physicians and loved ones of terminal patients are often concerned about being able to provide symptom-control Read More

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