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Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s Disease and CBD


Parkinson’s disease is a nervous system disorder characterized by tremors and irregular body movements. Because Parkinson’s disease typically starts off with a few tremors that gradually progress into other negative symptoms over time, those living with this illness may find it difficu Read More

Medical Marijuana and Dyskinesia


Since Parkinson’s disease results from low dopamine levels in the brain, some patients take medicine like levodopa or antipsychotics to raise them back up. However, one of the potential side effects of these drugs is dyskinesia. Dyskinesia further interferes with your movement a Read More

Medical Marijuana and Bradykinesia


Parkinson’s disease and other disorders that cause bradykinesia significantly reduce a patient’s mobility. Bradykinesia impedes daily tasks like washing the dishes or brushing your teeth. But, medical marijuana can help you manage this symptom if you know how to use it properly. W Read More

How Medical Marijuana Helps Parkinson’s Patients Sleep


Patients with Parkinson’s disease deal with more sleep disturbances than people of the same age without it. When you have Parkinson’s, it’s important to take care of yourself to slow down the progression of your symptoms. However, not sleeping well makes it much harder to do th Read More

Medical Marijuana For Parkinson’s Disease


A disorder of the nervous system, Parkinson's disease affects a person's ability to move. Since it is a progressive disease, Parkinson's grows worse with time. In many people, symptoms start out small and subtle but begin to interfere more and more with daily life. In a healthy brain, br Read More

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